In the history of instant noodles of Taiwan, Vedan always plays a considerable role. We have contributed considerable time and efforts to instant noodles series since 1973. As time goes on, the Chinese traditional craft of making instant noodles is not only inherited but also bettered by us. We make the whole effort to combine the benefits of the traditional and modern technologies of making instant noodles and seeing it as our duty. Our nutritious, sanitary, delicious, and convenient instant noodles can definitely satisfy the appetite of consumers. ::Further information¡ / see Chinese pages ::

Our instant noodles are made of well-chosen and top-quality flour processed by automatic production lines and we inspect every packet of seasonings, sachet of sauce and other ingredients through a strict quality control system. The series of instant noodles includes the WeiWei Premium, WeiWei, WeiWei A, SuiYuan (vegetarian), and Hai-Pai-brands at presnet, each of them has its distinctive features and is sold all over the world.

In addition, we have built a factory that uses the most advanced technology to produce the quality processed foods and instant cup-soup. The most famous chefs and experts design the recipes of our processed foods and cup-soup, and we deeply believe that they can certainly satisfy the choosiest customers.

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